This project is a freeware Virtual Standardized Patient (VSP) community for medical students, residents, continuing medical education and medical educators. VSPs are virtual human avatars that you can converse with (through typing or speech), that talk back, tell a story and are coupled with a feedback system that allows you to improve your performance. VSPs can tell you their stories and can answer most common medical questions that you would ask in a clinic environment.

Standard Patient Hospital

Learners have access to a small variety of cases plus a number of additional cases that update each month. VSP core cases closely mimic real patient encounters and are designed to you with performance on clerkships, OSCEs and with real patients. The feedback system will offer personalized advice so you can improve on a case each time you try it until it is mastered. If you have a teacher that belongs to the community, you can sign up with them to obtain additional patient cases that they make available to you.

Standard Patient Studio

For medical educators, you can learn to create a very interactive and humanlike VSP in less than one day. As a Standard Patient Studio community member, you will have access to all published cases and you can modify them as you see fit. You can also peer review other cases and group cases into courses and publish them so your students can access them. Anything you create and publish can also be used by any other Studio educational members.



Sample Cases

Note: Please use Google Chrome for voice input support.

Anna Asimov

Chief Complaint:
Ear has been hurting

Suggested Questions:
How can I help you
Tell me more
When did this start
Has it improved
How is this affecting you
Which ear
Does the pain radiate
How is your hearing
Have you had this problem before

Aaron Martel

Chief Complaint:
Vomiting and cramps with fever

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